Thursday, 9 August 2018

Jacky Biho, former wife of CRTV Veteran Entertainer Foly Dirane says she is not the cause of his present predicament - EWUSU Video in this post + Foly's health up date

Veteran Makossa/Asiko Artist and former wife of Foly Dirane, Jacky Biho, has said she has no hand in his present predicament.

The diva took to her Facebook page, to address the situation, after accusing fingers pointed at her for taking revenge on former husband, who is allegedly suffering from schizoprenia.

In the post, Jacky Biho said anyone who knows her, knows she is a woman with dignity, who cannot stoop low for whatsoever. She continues by saying in life, "people should not be wicked(apparently talking about how he brutally dumped her for another), because nemesis is real".
According to her, she has been accused of all sorts of negativities for years, but she kept silent, handing over her detractors to God, telling Him to fight for her and vindicate her, no matter how long it was going to take.

Mama Jacky says the truth about everything is gradually revealing itself(probably confirming allegations that Foly's present wife Tatiana used charm on him, to pull him off his grip), and that Foly is only harvesting what he planted. 

Jacky Biho  said that she "is not getting involved in people's problems, and that she doesn't care if people are saying she is the cause of his present predicaments, because it is not true".

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Foly Dirane and Daughter Mireille Tafen

News broke out earlier this week that Foly Dirane who had been absent from the public, his jobsite and his home for the past three months, was in his daughter Mirelle Tafen's  resident in the Diedo neighborhood of Douala, where he was being held hostage.

Reports say he was kidnapped by his son Steve Tifane Dirane, who acknowledged that he took his father for medical follow up, because he is suffering from mental disorder, which his present wife Tatiana Dirane hid from them all, lying that he was was suffering from stroke.
Foly Dirane and son Steve Dirane Tafen
Steve posted a photo of himself and his father having a car ride,  last night on Facebook, contradicting the fact that he was holding his father hostage against his wish. The joly looking Foly we all know on our screens looks paled and aged on the photo, even as he struggled to mask it with a fake smile.
Early this morning, Steve equally shared another photo of a seemingly very sick and pale looking Foly Dirane, and another one of a sick Foly looking healthier. Steve wrote: 
"Look at these two looks.That was the last time I saw this champion Mr. Folly Dirane before leaving Cameroon, in the arms of that Tatiana(his present wife), almost death, forcing a smile of a grandfather, who could hardly stand, and forced to lean on their shoulder to be able to stand. But after the so-called hostage, look at our champion, in his usual happy mood. If you are happy to see our hero Mr. Folly Dirane like me, share, and leave encouragement messages to his children especially to this hero son(talking about himself )".

Enjoy souvenir of the estranged couples(Folly and Jacky) in this two decades age old music 'Ewusu':

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