Wednesday, 11 July 2018

"My career and my honour are under attack. I will defend myself with the weapons of truth' - Clinton Njie barks back in his reply to FECAFOOT

Clinton Njie

Clinton Njie has replied the query issued to him by the Cameroon Football governing body FECAFOOT, requesting him to explain why he came late for training during the friendly encounter of last May between the Burkina Faso National Teand and the Indomitable Lions in France, and to also give an explain why he took two ladies into his hotel room during that same period, who were expulsed because of what the hotel management themed: 'Induced Nuisance'.

In his reply of today Wednesday July 11, 2018 to FECAFOOT, Clinton Njie said his carreer and honour are being attacked, and that he will defend himself with the weapons of truth.

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'I shared my room during the selection with Fai Collins. We separated from our supervisors at the end of the grouping without any knowledge or questioning about any incident'. He explained.

Clinton Njie further writes that he strongly hope that there is a 'misunderstanding or confusion' and that he will submit the requested backings needed by FECFAOOT, to justify himself.

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