Sunday, 29 July 2018

Mayor Ekema Patrick Chairs Bakweri sons and daughters conclave at Buea Council. Says Bakwerians will do a peaceful protest, before going violent on the abduction of Bakweri Traditional Rulers

The Mayor of the Buea Municipal Council Ekema Patrick Esunge today Sunday July 29, 2018 chaired an almost empty hall in a forum dubbed 'The All Bakweri Forum',  regrouping SOME VERY FEW sons and daughters of the Bakweri tribe,

Top of the agenda was on the abduction of Bakweri Traditional Rulers, and the choice of Buea to host the 'All Anglophone General Conference' scheduled in August by the Christian, Muslim and Civil Society actors.

Talking about the abductions traditional rulers and the recent killing of the the Chief of Lysoka - Moliwe, the Mayor said: "Bakwerians are going to mobilise themselves on Tuesday to take a common stand in view of the release of abducted and to sanction the assassination of the chief of Lysoka. It will be peaceful but 24hours later its going to be violent"

Ekema Patrick mourned the death of Chief Njie Mbanda of Lysoko Moliwe in the hands of Ambazonia fighters, and  indicated that a sacrilege has been committed in the land following his death and that something must be done.

He equally frowned at Cardinal Tumi for choosing to hold the Anglophone General Conference in Buea without consulting him, and said: "No Anglophone General Conference will take place in Buea...even if it is authorised by the Head of State. I am in control here. This is a ploy by the church to forster school boycott as usual".

The resolutions of the meeting have not yet been made public, but sources say the meeting hall was practically empty, because of divided opinion on who was to convene and chair such an enlarged meeting.

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