Sunday, 29 July 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron accused of having an affair with his former bodyguard

French President Emmanuel Macron has been accused of dating his former bodyguard Alexander Benalla, who was recently fired, but denies  reports that they had an affair.
Alexandre Benalla, 26, was sacked after footage emerged of him wearing a police helmet and beating up young protester and manhandling another during a May Day protest in Paris.
Macron waited two months before dismissing Benalla, and this delay has earned him criticisms and low ranking. 

There were also claims that Benalla was still living in his official residence even after being suspended. 

Speaking to MPs in Paris last Tuesday July 24th, Mr Macron, 40, said: “The person responsible for all this is in front of you. Alexandre Benalla never had any nuclear codes. He never had an apartment. Alexandre Benalla was never my lover.” 
His remarks have done little to calm the opposition, who have called on him to explain himself to the French public or to appear before a parliamentary committee to be questioned.

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