Friday, 20 July 2018

Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Meet Ngwefuni Ignatius Max, Founder of Ngwefuni Fashion, Fashion designer, Actor, and CEO of ALJ foundation

Ngwefuni Ignatius Max, is a US based Cameroonian Fashion designer, Actor, and Founder of ALJ foundation. He was born in Bafanji, one of the five villages of Balikumbat, in the Ngo-Ketunja Divison in the North West Region of Cameroon, where equally walked his educational path,

Igna Max as he is fondly called, grew up in the palace of his village, and was VERY passionate and creative. 

He started participating in church, school and community dramas, addressing Princes and Princesses, bringing out the in-born talent in him, to the amazement of his audience.
The self made millionnaire says his childhood was not  rosy,  as he struggled his way through school, thanks to the odd job he and his mum did. 
Igna Max graduated from Secondary and high school, and went to the University,where he graduated in 2000. 

He picked up a job with Guinness Cameroon, worked for four years gathered some money, and travelled to Dubai for his training as a Designer at the Benhindi Enterprise Fashion School, where he graduated as a Fashion Designer and Consultant.

He returned to Africa, and moved over to Nigeria, debuted his acting career and did  a couple of movies, before moving over to the US.
While in the United States, Igna Max developed his career  as a Fashion Designer, opened his Fashion House 'Ngwefuni Fashion Designs and Clothing', which gave birth to his annual Fashion night event 'Ngwefuni Fashion Night'.
Still in the US, he equally enrolled  at Morgan State University, a Social Work School, where he graduated in 2016 with a Social Degree.
With his experience in poverty, Ngwefuini Ignatius Max created the ALJ(Angel Legend and Jax) Foundation, to help pregnant women and children, with offices in Buea and Washington.
Ngwefuni Ignatius Max, who is in his late 30s, was recently nominated by the DDEA Humanitarian Foundation for the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in their annual DDEA Humanitarian Award US, to hold this year on September 22nd in Maryland.
He is happily married, and blessed with three beautiful kids.

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