Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Archbishop sentenced for abuse cover-up

A Catholic archbishop in Australia has been given a sentence of home detention for concealing child sexual abuse in the 1970s.
Philip Wilson, now archbishop of Adelaide, is the most senior Catholic in the world to be convicted of the offence.
He was found guilty by a court last month of covering up the crimes of a paedophile priest in New South Wales.
On Tuesday, a magistrate said Wilson would be spared time in a jail.
He has not resigned as archbishop, despite relinquishing his duties in the wake of his conviction.

In May, a court found he had failed to report his colleague James Patrick Fletcher's abuseof altar boys to police.
Wilson, then a junior priest in the Maitland region, had dismissed young victims in a bid to protect the Church's reputation, a magistrate ruled.
During his trial, Wilson denied that he had known about Fletcher's actions.
Fletcher was convicted of nine child sexual abuse charges in 2004, and died in jail two years later.

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