Monday, 2 July 2018

Accessing AfriCam Records Youtube Channel - Step by Step tutorial

AfriCam Records has recently been updating their Youtube Channel with interesting videos, calling on the public to subscribe and stay tuned, and especially the artists to stay connected for eventual opportunities of working together. 

However, many individuals do not know how to access this Youtube Channel, reason why we are putting up this tutorial, to help everyone to be able to access their Youtube Channel.

First and foremost, anyone who wants to acess Youtube, must have a :
  • Smart phone 
  • An Internet connection from his/her preferred network subscriber and
  • A Google account
Once your phone is connected to the internet and your google account activated, you can subscribe to AfriCam Records Youtube Channel, following the steps below:

Subscribe to AfriCam Records Youtube channel

  1. Open the YouTube app or go to This will be enough for you to watch any video. But if you want to vote, subscribe, and be informed, then you have to sign in to Youtube first.
  2. Sign in to YouTube. It is advisable to have login details, that will give you access to the Youtube application when you want to log in (e.g. e-mail address and password or phone number and PIN). 
  3. If you're on the Youtube Home tab :
    • Type 'AfriCamRecords' in the search box, and search. A list of all their videos will be displayed on your screen.
    • Below any video in the channel you want to subscribe to,  tap the subscribe icon. Or once you are on the channel itself, tap the subscribe icon.
    • Tap Subscribe .
Once you are subscribed to the AfriCam Records channel, you’ll see a list of all their videos on your screen. 

When you subscribe to the channel,  you will automatically be sent notifications about highlights and updates from their channel. You can opt to get a notification every time the channel publishes content by changing your notification settings

We hope this tutorial helps you to subscribe to their channel and watch videos like:

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