Thursday, 21 June 2018

US based Cameroonian Roland Chick Akum pleads guilty of child sex trafficking

twenty five years old US based Cameroonian by name Roland Chick Akum, who was formerly a Maryland resident, last Tuesday June 12, pleaded guilty to two counts of sex trafficking of minor.

According to the prosecutor, Akum took two girls ages 15 and 17 to a College Park motel and sold them for sex.

The 15 years left Akum in July 2017, and contacted authorities. Meanwhile, Akum continued trafficiking the 17 year old girl, until he was arrested a month laer as part of an undercover operation targeting website Backpage.

Akum was released on bail, but later bought a one way ticket to Cameroon, but was taken into custody before he could leave.

He is scheduled to be judged in September this year.

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