Wednesday, 27 June 2018

"If you say anglophones are marginalized because they are not being appointed, then you are lying" - Minister Paul Atanga Nji

The Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has maintained that English speaking Cameroonians are not marginalised in the country.

Minister Atanga Nji who was guest on CRTV's weekly program 'Pr√©sidence Actu' last Monday June 25, 2018 did not blink his eyes, when he also maintained that  President Biya is giving anglophones preferential treatment.

According to the Minister, anglophones have held many positions of authority since President Biya's ascension to powr in 1982, recalling that in 1993 he had called on the anglophones to thank the Head of State for what he is giving them.

"I am taking out time to explain to X. You cannot talk about marginalization in a context where you are controling 40% of posts in the central administration' he said, adding that whenever honest people read his publications, they come back to tell him that they they were not aware  of the realities and that people want them to believe lies".

To prove that Mr. Biya had the anglophones at heart, Atanga Nji said President Biya's first official visit was in Bamenda in February 1983, where he said in English that " Bamenda is my second home", and it was there, that Paul Biya was intronised and given the title 'Fon of Fons'.

Atanga Nji, who is the coordinator of the humanitarian project to assist internally displaced anglophones and those seeking refuge in Nigeria, equally recalled that the Head of State' visits in 1984 and 1985 was prove of "preferential treatment", furthering that Biya chosed Buea at the detriment of Foumban, to celebrate the 50th anniversary and reunification of Cameroon in 2014.

"If you say for example  that Anglophones are marginalized because they are not being appointed by the Head of State, you are lying. You are deceiving people. That is the reality. Statistics is there". The Minster said, specifying that 3 out of 4 private banks operating in Cameroon since 1982 belongs to anglophones.

This is not the first time Minister Paul Atanga Nji is making this statement, and it is one of those palavarous statements that added fuel to the ongoing crisis rocking the two anglophone regions since 2016.

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