Sunday, 3 June 2018

Clash of SEXUALITY - Kiki Bandy LGBTQ Activist versus Delly Singah Philips Match Maker for opposite sex

UK based Cameroonian Blogger and LGBTQ(lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender queer)activist Kiki Bandy and UK based Cameroonian Media personality and Match Marker Delly Singal Philips, got into and online clash of sexuality, where Delly made it clear to Kiki, that her platform and dating website has no provision for the LGBTQ community, since it is against her belief.
Late Saturday June 2nd afternoon, Kiki shared a post, making a special request(as she puts it) for Delly to consider the LGBTQ community on her match making page and website.

Contrarily to Kiki's expectation, Delly turned down her request, categorically standing for her belief, which is against homosexuality. 

Delly had earlier stated on her wall that she had no problem with the homosexuals following or supporting her because she loves them as humans. But she also clearly said she had no business with them, and that her business was and is for people interested in the opposite sex.
Kiki insisted that match making should represent everyone, but Delly refuted that the brand she Delly  represents is man and woman or woman and man, not lesbians, nor gay, nor anyone in the LGBTQ community.

Delly however, told Kiki that everyone loves the LGBTQ community, but insisted 'we don't condone with their acts'.
Delly Singah Philips recently launched her dating website Delly's Match Ups, and so far the website has a total number of 114 members, with more people still subscribing around the globe.

Her Facebook platform has successfully established three happy couples, while others who meeting on the platform are hooking up in expectation of a happy ending.

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