Sunday, 3 June 2018

Alenne Menget holds Africa SPELL BOUND with his powerful WIN speech as 'Best Actor Drama' last night, at the Golden Movies Award in Ghana - Video

'After the rain, comes the sun'. This is the best way to describe the newest holder of the title of Africa's 'Best Actor'  Alenne Menget, who until his stunning win in Accra last night, was under the Cameroonian social media DARK RED page of critics, after his female colleague Stephanie Tum released a direct accusation bomb to his person, at the eve of one of the continent's biggest film talents recognition night.

In a stiff race in this year's category of 'Golden Best Drama Actor' featuring Nigeria's best actors like Ramsey Noah, Blossom Chukwujekuw, Mike Ezuruonye, Gabriel Afolaya and Ghanaian fine actor turn pastor Majid Michel, the lone nominee from Cameroon Alenne Menget, emerged winner, and held Africa spellbound in the most amazing expression ever witnessed on an award podium.

Elated with his win, though he trusted his personal performance in the movie 'A Good Time To Divorce', that brought him the nomination, the Legend dedicated his WIN to his late father John Menget, who according to him, trained him behind the power of the microphone, and encouraged him to believe in himself. He also dedicated the WIN for peace in Cameroon, calling on the cease fire of the ongoing war in the anglophone regions.

Alenne Menget is on of Cameroon's leading voices behind the microphone, and is known in his many skits that nick named him Ni Parliamentarian.

Read the speech below:

'It is time. I am taking on behalf of me. But permit me say something. Sometimes when you are born, you have a dream, and you know something you rule a world, no matter how difficult it is to rule that world, and sometimes when you are born from somewhere that you do not believe you will rule that world, and you came out to stand on top that world, the only thing you say is 'Thank God'. 

And if I thank God tonight, I will thank God for giving me a father John Menget of late, who raised me on the microphone, and taught me that I was going to be the best someday. 

And if I sit here, after spending all my life watching  other people do things, and today I come to be what you may call the 'Best Actor' in Africa, what will I want?. One thing.

 I come from a country called Cameroon. That country has been one of the most peaceful countries in the world. But like the Upper Volta, during the days of our colonial masters, it was divided and brought back together just like Togo and Ghana. But our case, they brought an English part of Cameroon, and a French part of Cameroon. For the past two years, the peace has not been there.

If today you call me the Best Actor in Africa, I want to ask only one thing; for God you to call our leaders to get to a dialogue, because we are tired of the blood.  This is for peace. This is for an idea, that I call tonight 'every blood matters'. The soldiers blood matter. The civilian blood matter. Africa throw the guns, because we don't make guns.We don't create guns. So let us not use guns. This is for peace in my country. Thank you'.

Watch video below:

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