Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The SDO for Boyo Division Tegni Fidele imposes one week curfew on some sub-divisions under his jurisdiction

Tegni Fidele

The Senior Divisional Officer for the Boyo Division Tegni Fidele, has  imposed a one-week dusk-to-dawn curfew on some sub divisions under his command, following the new twist of the anglophone crisis in that part of the country.

In a Prefectoral Order of April 30th, signed by himself, the SDO bans the circulation of motor bikes between 6 p.m and 6 a.m from one sub-division(Belo, Ndjinikom, Fundong and Bum) to another, in the Boyo Division.

This order comes in after a Reverend Fr. was abducted by 4 gunmen in Belo Sub-division, in the wee hours of Monday April 30th, 2018.

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