Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Police bans student lawyers protest in Yaounde this morning

Student lawyers in the country this morning of Wednesday May 2nd, 2018 stormed the Ministry of Justice in protest against the recently published results of the entrance examination in the Cameroon Bar.

They complain that qualified candidates were not retained, and that the number of successful candidates was too small.

With banners and the photo of Nelson Mandela, the student lawyers called on President Paul Biya to order an increase on the list of successful candidates on the recently published results, that saw 474 candidates admitted into the Cameroon Bar, out of the 1351 who sat for the exam.

"The day everyone will respect the laws of this country, everything will be fine. Imagine that in Cameroon, there  are two thousand lawyers who have opened chambers. The European Union subsidized 350 Million F CFA to train 1351 lawyers who will be admitted into the Bar. They admitted 474 and tells you to be eligible, you must have  a Degree, but yet, the 6 PHD Holders failed". Jean Magloire Nlaté, mouthpiece of the lawyers told the press.

The student lawyers said they had written to the Minister of Justice Laurent Esso, before calling on the Head of State. 

"We wrote a memorandum to the President of the Republic. Today, we just want the him to order that the number of successful  candidates for the 2018 session  be increased". Jean Magloire said.

The student lawyers say they did not receive any order not to protest from the police, who were there this morning to stop then from manifesting.

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