Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Mancho Bibixy and Co goes to court today May 8, 2018 for their final verdicts

Mancho Bibixy and other anglophones arrested and detained at the Yaounde Kondengui massive prison in connection with the ongoing anglophone crisis, will today Tuesday May 8 2018, appear before the jury of the Yaounde military court for their verdicts.

The last hearing of April 24th, 2018 was adjourned to today at the request of the defense counsel, who were not agreeing with the 365 Million F CFA imposed charges, that  the prosecuting counsel was requesting from the accused persons as damages.

During the hearing,  Mancho Bibixy was acquitted of other charges;(rebellion, civil war, destruction of property, killing and non possession of id) but guilty of terrorism, secession and revolution.

A host of others with him, were found guilty of terrorism, hostility against the state, contempt, simple rebellion, looting, non possession of ID, spreading of false newscontempt to authority, destruction of public property etc...

Barrister Achu Julius, lead lawyer of the prosecuting bench, had earlier requested the court to nail Mancho with the most extreme punishment, including death sentence.

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