Thursday, 10 May 2018

Contradictions on the resurrected lady in Mbanga - A case of resemblance - The untold story

The story of a 40 years old lady Marie Ndongmowho died five years ago in Mbanga, was buried and resurrected  was reported on CRTV yesterday Wednesday May 9, 2018. This story has been contradicted by Equinox TV, who met the presumed ressurectee, and reported the contrary.

According to Equinox Television, the resemblance on the picture is undeniably indisputable but the alleged resurrected lady is not even related to the late Marie Ndongmo

Corine is the name of this lady who has been at the centre of attraction in Mbanga recently and Ndongmo Marie is the name of the woman who died on December 1st 2013.

Corine is said to be having an affair with the husband of late Ndongmo Marie and was introduced to the latter's kids as their mother. The kids who were convinced and happy about her "reappearance/return" due to the resemblance drew the attention of neighbours and other family members who were convinced that Marie has resurrected.
Equinoxe TV and Radio spoke to Corine, a known resident of Quarter 4 in Mbanga who hails from Nde Division West Region. She lives in Mbanga with her relatives. Ndongmo Marie was native of Menoua Division in the same region. Her mother and brothers have also confirmed that Corine is not their late sister.

So no one resurrected n Mbanga. It is just a case of resemblance.

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