Saturday, 5 May 2018

Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Happy Birthday To Corine LaStar, Nigerian Based Cameroonian Professional Make-Up Artist

Sone Ndome Vicky-Corine  aka Corine LaStar is a Nigerian based Cameroonian Make-up Artist and CEO of La Star beauty in Nigeria.

Corine was born on May 5, in a certain year, in Douala the Littoral Region of Cameroon, which is equally her region of origin.

She started off as a singer, and still sings, but not on professional basis again. She used to sing for Les Brasseries du Cameroun's life band, where her colleagues always admired her make-up.

They would actually come up beg her to do them make-up, and the end results were always amazing.

According to the beautiful young CEO, life at home was a roller coaster, and after many unfruitful hustling, she relocate to Nigeria, where she got a job offer, which presented her a huge opportunity to get professional training in Make-up.

Knowing fully well that Nigeria is a semi heart for Makeup in Africa, she decided to enroll in to a professional makeup training program were she was trained in all applications of makeup and hair for HD, film, TV, Gele, facial, video and photography. Covering multiple styles from natural beauty, fashion, glamour, fantasy, character, special effects, airbrushing to body painting.

However, she specialised mainly on special occasions makeup and body painting on request.

For the past four years, she has worked with numerous celebrities both in Nigeria and Cameroon, giving her exposure into meeting so many amazing people from different walks of life, backgrounds and cultures.

Corine LaStar has recently been organizing workshops and tutorials back in Cameroon, teaching women on how to enhance their beauty through makeup and how they can achieve a more youthful and glowing skin, brighter eyes, fuller lips and lots more beauty tips.

Corine says she has many projects coming up, and ask all to keep their fingers crossed, as this year will be a bang!!!.

She is a single mother of one, and is one of the biggest go-getters of our time.

'2018 is a very bright year and many more women need to and some are already stepping up their makeup and beauty game'. Corine told Thatcher.

Happy birthday girl.. Soar higher, the sky if your limit....

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