Tuesday, 3 April 2018

US Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin looks for solutions to the Anglophone Crisis with Emeritus Cardinal Tumi, Barrister Agbor Balla and a host of others including a government representative

The US Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin today Tuesday April 3, 2018 invited leaders of the civil society, clergy, political leaders, human rights organizations and a government representative to a round table discussion on the Anglophone Crisis  to chart a peaceful end to the conflict and deadlock.

During the discussion, Barrister Balla who was one of the partcipants emphasised that, failure to keep promises made at the Foumban conference is a huge cause for today’s crisis, including extensive social exclusion, social and economic injustice, structurally divided society and political discrimination.

According to him, to restore peace and calm tensions, Mancho Bibixy, Terence Penn Khan and others facing trial at Military Courts should be released. Ayuk Tabe Julius and 47 others arrested in Nigeria and repatriated to Cameroon should be given access to their lawyers and offered amnesty to participate in dialogue for peace building.

He also said an inclusive, reconciliatory and cooperative process of dialogue should be initiated with neutral parties to ensure respect of resolutions.

'Ending the conflict through dialogue will speed up disarmament, return of refugees and internally displaced'. Barrister Balla urged.
'It is time to put a permanent end to killings on both sides, violence and suffering upon the innocent civilian population.' He concluded.

Chaired by Ambassador Peter Henry, some of the participants of the discussion included Emeritus Cardinal Christian Tumi for Religious officials, Minister Gregoire Owona representing the government, Maurice Kamto representing Political parties, Maximillienne Ngo Mbe of REDHAC representing Human Rights Organisations and Barrister Agbor Balla Representing the Civil Society.

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