Saturday, 21 April 2018

Two Prostitutes Castrate their Client To Death, For Refusing To Settle Them After A Long Night Of Endless Pleasure In Douala - Audio Reporting Of The Incident

A 40 years old married man whose lone name we got as Herve, was castrated to death on the night of Thursday 19, breaking Friday 20th of April, in a local Inn in the Economic Capital city of Douala, by two prostitutes with whom he spent the night and refused to pay for their services.

According to an eye witness, the late Herve had promised to pay the call girls 50 000 F CFA for an all night of endless pleasure to the sky and back to earth. Unfortunately after satisfying his libido, he refused to settle his bill and began threatening the ladies that he will call his brother who is a Commissioner of Police to have them looked up.

The girls went gaga and castrated his manhood with a blade, leaving him to die in his own pool of blood for messing with them.

"I heard the man shouting and threatening that he was going to call his elder brother who is a Commissioner of Police. I forced opened the door, entered and saw him dying. I called the owner of the Inn. We rushed him to the hospital, but he died on the way". The witness spoke to CRTV Littoral reporter.

Listen to the reporting below.

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