Saturday, 7 April 2018

Two Cameroonians in Maryland - USA allegedly involved in a bloody battle over a woman - Video

A video trending online shows two Cameroonian men in Maryland - USA involved in a show of shame over a lady.

Though sources close to the situation have different versions of the reality, the video shows a lady and a fair guy trying to separate the fight saying: "you see blood, stop, stop". While a bleeding man is equally heard saying "it's a police officer that will come and take you away from me". The lady is also heard saying in an Ivorian French way that 'Vally donne ta main. Pousse ta main, pousse, pousse, pousse'(Vally give your hand, push your hand push, push, push). 

Meanwhile the wounded guy on the floor is also heard saying; 'e don cut ma vein, e don cut ma vein' (he has cut my vain, he has cut my vain). Then the lady cries again  'Oh my God, Oh my God, my God, My God, my God'. While the bleeding guy insists in anguish that the other has cut his vein, and that he will die.

The fair guy is heard speaking in Batibo, and the lady cries on, while the man in a Green Lion's jersey is asking the weak brother why he hates him that much, stretching his hand to look for a knife as the fair guy and the lady tries to stop him.

Watch the video below:

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