Monday, 9 April 2018

The University of Buea disrobes Mayor Ekema Patrick. Withdraws his Degree and Masters as well as that of his likes in the FAKE CERTIFICATE scandal

The University of Buea has finally decided to end the fake certificate scandal plaguing its reputation by academic fraudsters like Mayor Ekema Patrick of the Buea Council and withdrawing their Degrees.

This decision was taken during the 73rd Senate of the institution that took place last Friday April 6th, 2018 after investigations recommended by the Minister of Higher Education last year, actually revealed that Ekema Patrick Esunge and some other people, fraudulently acquired a Degree and Masters in the said institution.

According to 'The Rambler' newspaper reporting the story, during the Senate of the University, an Ekema Patrick's sympathiser stood up to back him, but his arguments were too lame to overthrow the tangible proves that were on the table against him.
Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge and his likes, who tarnished the image of the Noble University of Buea have therefore been disrobed of their borrowed robs and their fake certificates withdrawn and thrown into the pit of hell.

To think that an academic illiterate Mayor was eating the salaries of highly honourable intellectual council workers like Dr. Ojongkpot Oben Comfort, 4th Deputy Mayor, Monono Hans Manga and many others, makes one begin to imagine the theoretical mess the Buea Council is swimming in.

The Mayor Ekema Patrick's fake certificate scandal broke up last year in the height of the Anglophone Crisis, when the Minister of Finance had also ordered that workers with fake certificates in all state institutions be fished out.

The then Vice Chancellor and godmother of Ekema Patrick, present Minister of Secondary Education Dr. Nalova Lyonga, helplessly pulled out Ekema's file among others, and reported them to the concerned Ministry.

This action was saluted by the public, and investigated by  Dr. Tambi Tiku, Human Rights Commissioner for the South West, who thought it was all a sabotage from Ekema's detractors, since he was being a stumbling block to the anglophone crisis in Buea.

However, a correspondence from the G.C.E Board confirmed that, Ekema Patrick Esunge did not pass the O/level even in 4 papers, neither did he pass the A/level in 2 papers to gain admission into the University according to the educational law. The correspondence further revealed that Ekema Patrick Esunge sat for the O/Level once and failed, and also failed four times during four attempts of the A/Level.

On his business card, he had also stated that he had an Honorary Degree from the AZUSA Pacific University in the USA, which also turned out to be a fraudulent one.

In his visit to the University of Buea last year  for the installation of the New Vice Chancellor, the Minister of Higher Education Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo promised protesting students that he was personally going to investigate the Ekema Patrick Esunge's fake certificate allegations.

Apparently, the investigations came out like the previous ones, and the University of Buea had to withdraw his degree and Master.

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