Sunday, 8 April 2018

Seven (7) years old child begs daddy for sex....

Please watch your kids and their activities. They might just be doing some crazy stuffs under your nose.
A certain family in Limbe is still to come to terms with realities,
after their 7 years old daughter walked up to her father and demanded that he use his dick on her little itchy vagina.
The parents told Thatcher that they had just had dinner and retired to bed, when the little Eve walked naked into their room and told her dad that her vagina was itching, and that he should use his dick to help relieve her. The parents were shocked, and tried to open her legs to see what was wrong, only to discover bruises(healed and fresh) all over her.
The alarmed parents rushed the child to the hospital, after she told them that her brother of 10 years and another child of 12 years in their house had been using their rods on her often, and she became used. Fortunately, they had a visitor who was sharing the room with the kids, and the visitor's presence scared the two boys from approaching the little girl.
When she started having the itches, she ran to her dad, thinking he could relief her, and that was how the family discovered the disgusting act that has been taking place right under their roof.
Little Eve is under medical observation, while the boys are being questioned day and night, and the confused parents seem not to know what to do with them.
Is this called rape???? Who has the responsibility of sex education at home??
Is it normal for your male children to sleep on the same bed with their female siblings???
When life was manual, when there no TVs, phones etc.. we slept with our brothers on the same bed, and such things never happened. How can we prevent it from happening today?
What is the best age to start cautioning your kids about sex in this Android spoiled generation?

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