Thursday, 12 April 2018

Naked man with sex toy stuck in bottom howls 'call a doctor' as he begs for help at petrol station

An online trending video shows a naked man, with a sex toy stuck in his bottom, pacing around a petrol station forecourt crying out for help.

The bizzare incident took place in the Saavendra neighbourhood of Argentina's capital Buenos Aires.

In the video, the naked man is  seen walking across the forecourt and shouting as he approaches an ambulance.

He makes no attempt to cover his dignity as paramedics from the ambulance step out to offer him help.

Other footage shows him pacing up and down in front of police officers, shouting and slapping his legs in apparent discomfort.

One of the officers attempts to speak to the man, but the nude citizen walks away shouting: "Call the doctor!"

The video was posted to social media, where it has been viewed over 10,000 times.

Reports suggest the man was taken away from the scene in the ambulance to have the dildo removed.

The ambulance was part of the System of Emergency Medical Attention (SAME) of Buenos Aires and was reportedly called by workers at the petrol station.

Some reports suggest the man is believed to suffer from mental health issues.

Watch video below:

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