Thursday, 5 April 2018

Minister Tchiroma caught in lies as European Tourists say they were never taken hostage by the Ambazonian Defence Force

Minister Tchiroma's recent press release of how the Cameroonian army rescued twelve European tourists from the Ambazonian Defence Force during a rescue operation that saw tens of the separatists forces killed in the South West Region, has backfired as the tourists Agency say their clients  were NEVER kidnapped or taken hostage.

'A group of European tourists travelling in South West Cameroon were not kidnapped'. The Swiss tour operator said on Wednesday, contradicting Tchiroma's reports that separatist militants had held them hostage.

You may also read: '5 soldiers killed in the Far North Region, tens of anglophone terrorists killed in Manyu, and 12 European Tourists freed from secessionists captives' - Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary
Minister Issa Tchiroma lied that the Cameroonian army freed 12 hostages, including seven Swiss and five Italian nationals. But Tour Group African Adventures said 'they were simply stopped by armed individuals and had already been allowed to continue their journey when special forces arrived.'

The group said they were not put under any tension, neither were they kidnapped; and that the Cameroon government is lying that they  were taken hostage by the secessionist army.
This contradiction comes in, after ADF's Commander in chief Cho Ayaba told Reuters that his group was not involved in any such kidnappings.
ADF does not take hostages. ADF arrest enablers and collaborators and does not arrest foreign nationals,” Cho Ayaba told Reuters.

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