Saturday, 21 April 2018

Governor Okalia Bilai's Convoy Attacked By Unknown Gunmen In Lewou, In The Lebialem Division - Video

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai of the South West Region was attacked by unknown gunmen in Lewou in the Lebialem Division, where he went to install the new Senior Divisional Officer for the Lebialem Division.

According to reports on Equinox Televeision, the Governor's convoy led by the BIR, came under attacked as it was entering the Lewou village. Gunshot exchanges were heard as the unidentified gunmen, rained bullets on the governors car, while security retaliated in defense. The gun battle lasted a few minutes, and the convoy drove out of the red zone unharmed.

They succeeded in entering into Menji, where the Governor dressed in bulletproof installed  Etah Mbokaya Ashu as the new SDO for the Lebialem Division, and presented to the population, in a ceremony that was quick and VERY SHORT.

After the installation, the Governor's convoy took off back to Buea, via the Dschang road, and as they were ascending the entrance into the Lewou village again, the gunmen attacked the convoy in a more serious shooting, that lasted longer than the first one.

The report did not indicate any lost of life, and the governor is said to have arrived his Buea base safe and sound.

Watch the attack in the video below:

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