Tuesday, 24 April 2018

GBHS Mbouda Students Go On Rampage Demanding A Refund Of 3 000F CFA Fees They Paid For Holiday Classes That Never Took Place

The students of the Government Bilingual High School Mbouda in the Western Region have taken to the streets, to demand their school officials to refund the 3000 F CFA collected from each of them for holiday classes that never took place.

Apparently with the third term being the shortest in the academic calendar in the Cameroon school year, the school officials asked students to pay a 3000 F CFA levy each for classes to be programmed during the just ended Easter holidays.

The students contributed the money, but there were no holiday classes scheduled, and after waiting for this long, to have their money refunded in vain, they took to the streets this morning, to make their voices heard at all cost.

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