Monday, 23 April 2018

Equinox TV Reporter Derick Jato Receives Social Media Bullets For Allegedly Reporting The Attack Of Governor Okalia Bilai, Which They Claimed Was STAGED

Cameroonians on Social Media have doubted a video from Equinox Journalist Derrick Jato reporting that Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai's convoy to the Lebialem Division was attacked by unknown gunmen in Lewou.

The video that went viral last weekend, reported that the Governor' convoy was attacked by unknown gunmen at the entrance of Lewou to and fro.

The reporting raised eyebrows, when the reporter said elements of the BIR leading the convoy  scanned the whole area to  be sure they were danger free. The same report said they were attacked  on their way?????? Raising eyebrows to the contradiction as in 'scanning the entire environment which was danger free'. and the 'attacks' which came in minutes later. 

Does it mean the military did not scan the environment thoroughly to see that there was danger, or was the telescope they used faulty?.

However, Social Media has discredited that report, saying the boss of the South West Region probably paid Derick to do the reporting on the attack which they term STAGED.

Derick Jato of Equinox TV, is one the bravest journalist, whose reporting has been accurate since the Anglophone crisis started in 2016.

He has been to war zones, where he inhaled tear gas, with bullets flying over him left and right, and none of his reporting has ever been discredited.

He is the Journalist who covered the Ekona riot in 2017, amidst stones, bullets and tear gas, and was even held for several minutes in Ekona by those wild Ekona guys, who questioned him terribly before releasing him.

The attacked might have been STAGED without Derick's knowledge, because as a journalist, he was there to cover and report the mission that took him to Lebialem, which was the  installation of the new Senior Divisional Officer for Lebialem Etah Mbokaya Ashu.

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