Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Charlotte Dipanda Teams Up With Nigerian Yemi Alade In Her New Single 'Sister' . Watch the Video and scream out your love for your own SISTER

Just when we thought we had sipped the last liquid from our glasses thinking we have had enough and are satisfied after watching Mr. Leo ft Flavour in the just released 'Jamais Jamais' Remix, here comes another collabo between Charlotte Dipanda and Nigeria's Yemi Alade, in Charlotte's newly released single 'Sista' from her latest album  'Un Jour Dans Ma Vie', making us want more of it again and again.

'Sister' is just the sweet story of the natural love of two sisters, watching each other's back, being each other's keeper and telling each other how blessed they are to be there for each other.

Though the rhythm sounds like Chidimma's 'Falling in Love' it awakens that dormant 'care-less' emotion in you, that makes you look at your sister as an enemy instead of your friend, and makes you wonna tell your sister how much you love and care for her.
Gosh! I am loving this, and hope you do as well.

Watch below:

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