Monday, 16 April 2018

Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Meet Upcoming Rap Artist/Song Writer Pope Switzeal, With His Unique Flow called 'The Swiy Flow'

Mbella Fayis Ako aka Pope Switzeal is an upcoming Cameroonian Buea based rap artist from the South West Region, with different flows from mboko pigin, English, French etc...
His passion in the music world started as a dancer with a dance crew known as Pope's family in 2007.

In 2012 he did his first recording titled 'GCE don comot'. In 2013, he released 'I did don man' ft Bestboy and Icee. Same year, he released 'Mbole Mbole' ft Mcgod and Bestboy.
In 2014 he released his single titled 'Biggest in de game'. 
In 2015, he released 'We don enter' ft Bestboy and in 2017 he released 'Isha-alah'

Pope Switzeal is mostly into collabo than single as seen from his career list.

In 2017, he discovered a flow he named 'the swiy flow', and according to him he wants to create a unique style with it,  as can be heard in his newly released short song titled 'Bow down', which is on Youtube.
In January this year, Pope Switzeal featured in a comedy produced and directed by Dj Bless titled 'Don Gran' with Gaelle and Best Boyy Wiseman.

Enjoy 'Bow Down' produced by Bazini, and support this upcoming artist in making his dreams come true.

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