Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Case Pitting Mancho Bibixy and Co versus the State of Cameroon adjourned to 8th May due to arguments on 365 Million F CFA worth damage charges levied on them by the prosecuting Counsel - Details in this article..

The case between Mancho Bibixy and Co arrested and detained at the Yaounde Kondengui Central prison in connection with the ongoing Anglophone Crisis has been adjourned to the Tuesday May 8, 2018, because of discrepancies between the prosecuting and defense counsel, over huge sums of money levied against the accused persons, with the civil party, claiming a total damage of 356 Million F CFA.

The case that was to begin at 2:30 p.m. started at 4 p.m Cameroon time instead, when the accused persons arrived the court room.

During the hearing, some detainees wanted to go out and ease themselves, but they were denied  that exit by a warder, who automatically fell into Mancho's bad book. "Our prison guards will dress in white and you(the warders) will enjoy our country". Mancho told the warder in a bold, confident and loud tone.

After the defense counsel finished pleading its case, Mancho Bibixy was acquitted of other charges;(rebellion, civil war, destruction of property, killing and non possession of id) but guilty of terrorism, secession and revolution.

One of the detainees, Awanatio Zacheus was declared not guilty and freed.

Tsi Conrad was declared not guilty of destruction of public property, illegal detention of arms, rebellion, civil war, murder, but guilty of terrorism, hostility against the state, contempt, simple rebellion, looting, non possession of ID, spreading of false news.

Tamngwa Malvin was guilty of : terrorism,hostility,secession, revolution,insurrection,looting, rebellion,contempt to authority, destruction of public property but not guilty of illegal detention of arms,spreading of false news, spreading of false news, group rebellion, civil war.

Aselecha Martin was equally declared guilty of terrorism, hostility, secession, revolution, spreading of false Infos by electronic means but not guilty of contempt, looting, rebellion,group rebellion, destruction of public property, possession of firearms, civil war, no ID, murder.

Guingah Valentine guilty of terrorism, hostility, secession, insurrection, rebellion, false news, contempt. Not guilty of : illegal possession of firearms, civil war, group rebellion, non possession of national ID, looting, spreading of false news by electronic means...

Awah Thomas guilty of terrorism, hostility, secession, revolution, insurrection, spreading of false information, spreading of false Information by electronic means, contempt

Not guilty of illegal detention of arms, group rebellion, civil war, looting, murder.

Deliberations continued with both parties bringing up solid evidence to back up their arguments. After a couple of hours of deliberation, and non agreement of huge sums of money levied on the accused, worth 365 Million F CFA, the court closed deliberations and adjourned he case to Tuesday May 8, 2018.

Mancho and his friends except Awanatio Zacheus who was declared NOT GUILTY, went back to their various prison cells in VERY HIGH SPIRITS, damning the consequences and out of the May 8 verdict.

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