Tuesday, 17 April 2018

42 years old man in confusion, after sex mate blackmails him with threats of telling the wife about their affair, if he doesn't pay her 2 Million F CFA

Sirri please don't break my home... Thatcher, I am writing you out of remorse and shame for being unfaithful to a woman who has done nothing but give me unconditional love and support for 9 years.
I am 42 years old and live in the US with my wife and three children. Two years ago, I came to Cameroon to bury my brother, who died in a tragic car accident.
We were just two of us and I was heart broken. My wife could not accompany me for the burial, and I was really hurt, because Philip was the only surviving blood relative I had. Mum and dad died long ago, leaving just the two of us to support and help each other. Philip died seven months after his wedding to Ijang who was three months pregnant.
Sirri, Ijang's friend had been coming around as a friend, and consoled me through out the funeral, encouraging me to be strong for Ijang and Philip's unborn baby.
After the burial, honestly, I can't tell you how it happened, but I found myself sleeping with Sirri. She had probably entered my room during one of those moments when I was low and allowed pains to take the best of me.
I spent one month in Cameroon, and she was around helping me until I left. Before leaving I gave her 200 000F CFA and apologized to her that I was not ready for what happened between us and that I was sorry it happened,and honestly I was.
I confessed to her that I had never cheated on Maggy, and that she would divorce me if she found out I cheated.
Two months after I left, I got a call from Sirri that she was pregnant. I thought she was joking, so I warned her never to call me again. Apparently Ijang gave her my contacts.
My wife and I are presently in the country to bury her mum, and Sirri came visiting with a baby boy, who I must confess looks like my son back in the US.
After she had left, I later called Ijang to find out, and she confirmed that Sirri told her the baby was mine. Sirri sent me a message that she was coming to hand over the baby to my grieving wife and tell her everything.
Thatcher, for 9 years, I have never cheated on Maggy. Sirri is saying its either I give her 2 Million F CFA, or she tells it all to my wife.
No Thatcher, Maggy is not someone who will forgive me even in the next world, if she ever finds out I cheated on her, talk less of having a baby in the process.
I have done everything humanly possible to hold Sirri down. I have even given her 500 000F CFA(Five Hundred Thousand francs), that I will make up the balance when I travel back, but she is bent on making trouble for me and destroy my marriage. What should I do?
Maggy is grieving inconsolably the lost of her mother who will be buried on Saturday. She cannot even handle another bad news, and Sirri is not helping matters.
Thatcher, I am dying. I can't bear to see Maggy hurt because of my mistakes What will I tell our children when we go back? That I betrayed them all? Gosh!!!!, I can't even think straight

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