Sunday, 11 March 2018

Separatists give Government 48 hours to present Sisiku and the rest to the public, or have the head of Aaron Ankiambom, who is under captivity roll on floor - Video

Separatists have given the Cameroon government 48 hours to prove that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Co arrested last January 5, 2018 in Abuja - Nigeria are alive, or have the head of  Animbom Aaron Ankiambom, Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the North West Region who was kidnapped and still under captivity roll of the floor.

In a video published late last night on Social media, the Delegate is seen alive, begging the Minister of Social Affairs to intervene at the level of government and meet up with the demands of the separatists, to save his life. 

The video opens up with the logo of the Ambazonia Defense Force, followed by Delegate Aaron saying in his own word unedited that:

" I am Nimbom Aaron Ankiambom Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the North West. I am pleading to the Minister of Social Affairs to intervene, that the leaders of Ambazonia that were arrested and were told that they were brought to Yaounde, that they should be shown to the public. They should show publicly that the people are alive, because I am here, they have given me hours that I will be sacrificed. They  have given me 48 hours that I would be sacrificed if these leaders are not shown to be alive."

"I have been kidnapped  by the ADF(Ambazozian Defense Force) so I am pleading  to  my Minister, the Minister of Social Affairs to intervene at the high level of the government, so that this people are shown so that my life can be spared". 

Animbom Aaron Ankiambom was kidnapped on Saturday February 24, 2018 in Batibo, by unknown individuals, while he was returning from a nearby village Ashong, where he went for a burial.

Since his kidnap, the kidnappers did not demand any ransom, until late last night when the video surfaced on Social media.

Watch the video below:

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