Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sacked Minister Mebe Ngo'o beats and takes journalist hostage for hours at his Yaounde Koweit residence

A journalist working with 'Le Jour' newspaper, who was assigned  to visit the sacked Minister of Transport Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o, and report on the ambiance around his residence after Friday's cabinet reshuffle where he was benched, was almost sent to his early grave during his assignment.

Sources relay that when the young journalist Caristan Isseris got to Mebe Ngo's residence, he ordered his thugs to arrest and torture the journalist, before locking him up in an isolated room.

Caristan Isseris was released several hours later, when the lights of life was almost departing from him.

He is presently in the hospital on intensive care.

During the 2015 Cabinet reshuffle Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o was demoted from the position of the Minister of State Incharge of Defense to Minister of transport. His close to three years at the Ministry of Transport were marked with series of unfortunate road accidents, including the 2016 Eseka train derailment that killed 75 persons and injured more than 500. The Minister was widely criticized for his implication in this accident, because sources from CAMRAIL said he ordered that the wagons be overloaded, though they had poor brake system.

Mebe Ngoo was equally on the front page of the French press through out last year in a corruption scandal involving him in his days as Minister of Defense and a French based company responsible for the sale of military accessories.

He was equally caught in the background together with sacked Basile Atangana Kouna of Mines and Water, as shareholders of Camwater, under the coverage of Moroccans.

His right hand man Colonel Mboutou was equally arrested in France last year with Billions of francs CFA, and during audition his name was mentioned.

All these plus the rumours that he is one of those financing Sisiku AyukTabe to overthrow Paul Biya, added to the drop of water that filled his cup, and got him into Biya's bad books, with the consequences that we are witnessing.

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