Saturday, 3 March 2018

Right Hand Man Of Sacked Secretary of State for Defense Jean Baptiste Bokam arrested with bags of Millions of F CFA last night

Sacked Secretary of State for Defense - Jean Baptiste Bokam

The right hand man of sacked Secretary of State for Defense Jean Baptiste Bokam was last night arrested with hundreds of millions of F CFA, packed in 'Ghana must go' bags, minutes after his boss was sacked from the Biya's government.

According to an online source, minutes after CRTV finished reading Biya's Cabinet reshuffle decree, the right-hand man of Jean Baptiste Bokam whose name was got as Angos Mvindi Macaire rushed into his boss's office with a torch light, and went straight to the safe, where  he brought out hundreds of millions, and filled them in the bags that he had with him.

According to the source, President Biya, who knows how crooked some of his collaborators are , had ordered for strict security to be discreetly around the office premises of all sacked ministers, before the big decision was read. That was how  Angos Mvindi Macaire was caught right handed in his boss's office, with money packed in bags, and all over his body.

He was arrested there on the spot, after he unsuccessfully attempted to bribe the officers who arrested him.

Sources at SED say he urinated on the bank notes that he had tucked inside his pant and trouser, when he was being cuffed.

He is presently locked up at SED, where he had been working for years. 

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