Thursday, 1 March 2018

Rays of hope for Mancho Bibixy and others to be release VERY SOON after yesterday's hearing

Mancho Bibixy the 'Coffin Revolutionist' who was at the Yaounde military court yesterday Thursday March 1,  2018 alongside seven other Anglophones in connection with the ongoing Anglophone crisis told the presiding judge 'that there is need for the Cameroon Government to free all arrested in connection with the crisis to avoid a civil war.'

I have a heavy heart because Cameroon is on a brink of a civil war. We find ourselves in this situation  because our politicians have failed in finding tangible solutions to our problems,” Mancho Bibixy told the judge while urging authorities to free all arrested and resume dialogue.
He also told the court 'if he and other anglophone detainees are freed, they will work hard to bring peace to the troubled English-speaking regions of the country.'
Thomas Awah Junior, a journalist, who is also one of the detainees stepped forward and pleaded 'not guilty' of the charges levied against him and called on the court to free him on medical grounds.

I am not guilty of secession” the former Equinox radio reporter told the court while dismissing another charges of lack of national identity  card.
I don’t understand  why the journalist I am will be charged of secession meanwhile several security authorities know I have collaborated with them (in his reporting duties).
I was arrested on the field while doing my job (corresponding for Afrik 2 radio owned by his former Equinox  colleague Polycarpe Essomba).”
After hearing the arguments put forward by the defense team, the court adjourned the case to the 16 of March.
Meanwhile sources at the high places say Mancho and the rest might be RELEASE sooner than expected, as Yaounde is going to use their release as a campaign SLOGAN in the North West and South West Regions for the upcoming elections.

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