Thursday, 22 March 2018

Operation Sparrow Hawk Loading: Three Big Heads Appearing Before The Special Criminal Court Today

Operation Sparrow Hawk continues fishing out its victims, as three other former top government officials goes before the Special Criminal Court today Thursday March 22nd, 2018. They are; Robert Nkili former Transport Minister, Prof. Élie Claude Ndam Njitoyap former Director General of the Yaounde General hospital and Jean Louis Beh Mengue, former Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board.

Yesterday, the former Director General of CAMWATERS Jean William Sollo, the former Secretary of Roads at the Minister of Public Works Ohandja Ayina Louis Max and Bruno Bekolo, former Rector of the University of Douala were sent to the Yaounde Kondengui Central Prison, after spending nights at the Special Criminal Court, where they were auditioned, and after failing to prove their innocence, were sent jail, where they just spent their first night.

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