Thursday, 22 March 2018

Operation Sparrow Hawk Loading: Ex-Minister Basile Atangana Kouna Captured, Handcuffed And Extradited To Cameroon From Nigeria Like A Criminal

The disgraceful extradition of Basile Atangana Kouna from Nigeria

The Runaway former Minister of Water, Mines and Energy Basile Atangana Kouna, who fled the country and from Sparrow Hawk, violating a Presidential instruction not to leave the national territory, has been arrested in Nigeria and brought back into the country handcuffed.

Contrary to reports we made earlier this week that he was arrested in Kribi, Basile Atangana Kouna according to sources, knew the police was looking for him, and so he escaped and his wife was arrested in his place. She was released yesterday Wednesday March 21st and is now free.

Early this morning, rumours had it that a top Cameroonian government official fair in complexion had been arrested in Nigeria.

A military plane took off from the Yaounde Nsimalene Airport at exactly 11 am today, and was expected to return with the captive at 5 m.

The plane however delayed its return and landed at 6:18 p.m, having on board ex- Minister Basile Atangana Kouna.

He has been taken to the Yaounde Judicial police, in a convoy of six security vehicles, including that of the Delegate for National Security Martin Mbarga Nguele.

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