Monday, 19 March 2018

Operation Sparrow Hawk Loading: Ex-Minister Basile Kouna Atangana Arrested In Kribi While Trying To Sneak Out Of The Country Into Equatorial Guinea

Former Minister of Water, Mines and Energy  Basile Kouna Atangana has been allegedly arrested in Kribi, while he was trying to sneak out of the country.

According to Cameroon Web, Military men stormed Basile Kouna Atangana's residence this morning and arrested his wife Aline Mengue Akono, when they couldn't find him.

The same source revealed that he was apprehended by gendarmes in Kribi, as he was trying to sneak out of the country to enter Equatorial Guinea. 

According to the source, he is being taken to  the Special Criminal Court, where embezzlement allegations against him are piled.

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