Sunday, 11 March 2018

Man Sodomizes and kills 7 months and 6 years old children in Nkongsamba

The victims

The population of Edjogmoa, a neighborhood in Nkongsamba are still shocked over the death of 7 months old baby Moyopa Gloria and her 6 years old elder sister Mbianda Noel, who were sexually assaulted to death by their uncle, a certain Pastor Joel.
The rapist

According to sources close to the situation, Joel drugged the two kids in the absence of their parents, and sodomised(anal sex) them to death yesterday Saturday March 10, 2018.

The rapist's life was saved from jungle justice by Forces of Law and Order, who came on time before he was lynched and ferried him to their station, where he has been locked up waiting to be sent to the State Counsel, who will decide his fate. 
The dead children

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