Friday, 2 March 2018

Man slaughters concubine in front of her 10 years old son in Bonapoupa 7 km from Douala Cameroon - Video

A carpenter by name Djoumeni Alain is on the run after killing his concubine in the eyes of her 10 years old son.

This tragic incident took place at Bonapoupa, in the Littoral Region, 7 km from Douala. 

Family sources say Alain and the victim been living together for seven years. Apparently she asked him money for rents, for the house they have been living together, when a quarrel broke up and he took a machete and slaughtered her to death in front of her son.

According the late woman's 10 years old son who was an eye witness, the killer cut his mother three time. Behind the head, the neck and the mouth.

"I saw him cut butchered my mother in three places. Behind the head, then under the chin(neck) then beside the mouth. He wanted to hit me too, but I managed to jump over the window." The little boy explained to Canal2 reporters, who came to the crime scene.

The father of the deceased  Timothe Mboune told Canal2 that he had never been in support of the relationship between her daughter and the killer.

Meanwhile her body has been put in the Douala Diedo district hospital  mortuary.

Watch Canal2's reporting on the incident

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