Monday, 12 March 2018

Lady whose boyfriend sexually assaulted his two nieces to death in Nkongsamba says she knew he was a pedophile

Vanessa Djomou the girlfriend of Joël Tanko who sodomized his two nieces to death in Nkongsamba has told the police that she knew her man was a pedophile.

According to various reports of Social Media, the lady told the Police that Joel had once assaulted their daughter, and when she caught him, he pleaded that she should forgive him, and that he cannot hold on the zeal to be sexually attracted to children.

"He had once assaulted our daughter. He told me that he did not know what pushes him to be sexually attracted to kids.  I cried the whole night, and we decided to keep it as our secret. I told him that if that was the case, and since it was more than him, he should go and do it far away and not on our own daughter".

Asked  whether she knew he was going to Nkongsamba for that, she said he only told her that he was going to visit his family.

Social Media justice has decided that the lady should be locked u alongside her man, but as it is, there is more to this than meet the two eyes.

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