Saturday, 10 March 2018

German Embassy in Cameroon says information about their visa are only available in German and French

The German Embassy in Cameroon has been discriminating the visa procedures for anglophone applicants, raising eyebrows and call for concern. 

Based on this concern,  Cameroonian Human Rights Lawyer Barrister Jean Atabong Fomeni on Thursday March 8, 2018, wrote an Open Letter to the German Ambassador in Yaound√© - Cameroon, titled "German Embassy Discriminates against Anglophone Visa Applicants", in which he outlined how the embassy's website in English is incomplete, among many other irregularities.

Yesterday March 9,  the embassy updated their website, acknowledging thereon that information about their visa are only available in German and French. 

According to Barrister Atabong,  it is so sad to say that Anglophones requiring visas for Germany are being discriminated. That is, amongst others, to be deprived of their right to information in total disregard of human rights laws and Article 1(3) of the Constitution of Cameroon, which puts both French and English languages on the same scale.

Although the novelty in the website has brought about a complete change, discarding every information that existed in English before, his letter has created some ripple effects, to the extent that the entire new English page is now under construction. Well, I hope this doesn't take forever to be figured out.

Read his letter below:

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