Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Four Separatists and one Tunisian killed In a rescue mission to free the Tunisian Road Technicians kidnapped on 15/03 - Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary

One of the two Tunisian road engineers kidnapped alongside two Cameroonians last Thursday March 15, 2018 has been killed in a rescue operation that took place in the Meme Division of the South West Region this morning.

'The body of Khaled Tinsa was recovered today Tuesday  March 20, during a rescue operation that freed the other Tunisian engineer and two Cameroonian technicians', government spokesman Minister  Issa Tchiroma Bakary said. He did not say when Tinsa died.

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According to a press release from Minister Tchiroma, the captives who are employed by Tunisian road construction company Soroubat, were  abducted last week while building a road between the towns of Kumba and Isangele, Bakary said.

'Their kidnappers threatened to have them executed within 24 hours, if a ransom was not paid'. Tchiroma's press release read.

Tchiroma on behalf of the Cameroon government, extended the country's heart felt condolence to Tunisia.
He  blamed "separatists", for the kidnapping, and applauded the forces of law and order, who during the mission, also gunned down four of the separatists.

The Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday Monday 19, issued a statement that they were negotiating with the Cameroon government on securing the release of their citizens.

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