Tuesday, 27 March 2018

ELECAM Confuses Figures Of The 2018 Senatorial Election - A Bad Start?

Abdoulaye Babale - Director General of ELECAM

Elections Cameroon - ELECAM, the organizing body of elections in Cameroon yesterday Monday March 26, published adjusted  figures of voters  of the Sunday March 25th Senatorial Elections, contrary to what he earlier published .

In a press declaration from the Director General Abdoulaye Babale, acknowledging the error and owning up to responsibilities, ELECAM explained that they had some communication problems, and received some data late, resulting in the confusion and the in-coherency of the figures. 

On the Election day evening, Abdoulaye declared out of the 10 105 municipal Councillors who were to vote on Sunday March 25th, only 9 305 answered present, making the participation rate  92%.

In less than 24 hours, he told the press that 9 909 Councillors voted out of 10 112 registered, making the participation rate to 97.72%.

The contradicting additional figures of 7 in the registered number and 604 for  participation, have got tongues wagging as to whether they will cope, with the upcoming Municipal and Presidential elections with millions of voters.

But how then can these additional figures be justified, as compared to the earlier published results?

Abdoulaye Babale explains that:  "The variation of the figures of Sunday March 25th and that of March 26, is due to the late reception of information. We also had a communication problem. Some of the data was transmitted by voice message for the sake of transparency, and there was confusion. The figures we have now are from the corrections that were made not only after the counting at the polling stations, but also those corrected and supervised at the level of the regional commissionsIt is a correction job and work preparation by the general census commission that will be holding soon."

ELECAM is thus a victim of its own carelessness, which is a VERY bad start and sign for the upcoming municipal and presidential elections with millions of voters.

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