Tuesday, 13 March 2018

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Henriette Thatcher Is NOT An IG Blogger. She Is An Independent Blogger

There is a document from the Ambazonian Interim Government, carrying names of Communicators for the Ambazonian Interim Government, and it appears that they pick people to work for/with them without consulting them.

If that document is authentic which I DOUBT, then whoever included Henriette Thatcher should please kindly take her  out immediately, because she has nothing to do with the Interim Government.

Henriette Thatcher is an Independent Blogger, who reports on people, places and events in and out of Cameroon.

She has never for once worked on behalf of the Interim government, and she is not interested to do so in future.

However, I am free to report on any subject concerning the IG, which will be of interest to my thousands of audience any day any time.

Whoever put my name on that list as an ACCREDITED BLOGGER of the IG should please take it off immediately, because it is a 'GROSS VIOLATION  of Human Rights.' I have the right to be consulted before any decision is made in my name and on my behalf by whosoever.

Thank you

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