Saturday, 17 March 2018

Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming our Own: Meet One Of Cameroon's Lead Voices On Radio. He Is Also A Sensation On Social Media. He Is An Entertainer, Who Equally Is A Model. Meet DULAFE Valery TATA

DULAFE Valéry Tata is a drop handsome, elegant and talented Cameroonian born journalist and entertainer working with Radio Campus 90.00 FM Yaounde.

He was was born on April 9, 1985 in the beautiful Town of Kumbo in the North West Region of the country, and is the the lone son in a family of four.

He did his primary Education in CS Bayelle in Bamenda, and later went to St. Paul's college Nkwen for secondary and high school.

While in secondary School his love for art was great and he stood out spectacular. Loved by many, Dulafe became the social prefect.

With high school over, DULAFE left Bamenda for Yaounde in 2003 and enrolled in the English Department of the University of Yaounde 1, where he graduated with a Degree in the English Language.
DULAFE had always wanted to be a journalist ever since he was 10, with great admiration for Uncle P(Peter Essoka). that he promised his little self to grow up and be like him someday.

With that dream and wish in him, he knew to become a great communicator, one needed to have a mastery of the two Languages (English and French), which explains his choice for Yaounde and his Degree in English.

He relentlessly worked every angle hard to see his dream come true, and in 2008, he got recruited as a journalist in Radio Campus 90.00 FM in Yaounde, where he is the only English speaking staff till date.

He runs the much listened week days show 'Campus Boulevard' from 10:00 - 12 noon every Monday to Thursday, and is also the English Desk Editor
One of the most bilingual radio animators we have in the country, DULAFE also works with US based Radio Apex 1 Radio.

Known for his hard work and frank nature, many call him the BEST ANIMATOR ON THE RADIO. He is energetic and poised and makes radio looks easy. Recently he brought a revolution to Facebook as he created a slot known as "DULAFE REFLECTS" talking only about 237(Cameroonians).
The pulchritudinous 33 years old DULAFE Valery Tata is also a photo Model, posing for ads and videos coming soon on our TV screens.
A fighter and a gentleman, he makes the ladies wanna see more of him. He has an accent to kill, and he dreams of becoming the best radio animator Cameroon will ever produce.

A fashionista, DULAFE is SINGLE but NOT SEARCHING, and has a beautiful daughter who is his world.

DULAFE Valery Tata plans in getting on set on the big screen soon, and he is finalizing the necessary details to make it happen.

He loves sports, cooking and making love. He is a heterosexual person.

To the youths who believe Rome was built in a day; To the youths who do not believe in themselves and their CAN-DO ability, and to the youths in general, DULAFE Valery Tata has this message for you:

"The way you see yourself that's how people will see you. My journey was a long one. From sleeping hungry some nights to now sleeping in GUCCI shirts. I worked my way through and fought hard. There were days I wanted to give up but I swore to be the best and trust me, I am the best in what I do today. Believe and you can be DULAFE. "

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