Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Celebrating, Consuming and Promoting Our Own: Cameroonian US Based Actress & Founder of Dora Lawson Foundation Dorothy Wallang aka Dora Lawson Celebrates Another Year Of Life

Cameroonian US based actress Dorothy Wallang aka Dora Lawson, today March 7, is celebrating another year of her existence on earth.

Dora Lawson has a Bachelor in Nursing (BSN) in the US, where she is working and furthering her studies in Masters still on the Nursing field. 

She is an actress and has featured in the Comedy 'Maryland must laugh', the movie 'Coming to America, and a Facebook series 'Who owns the company'.

Dora Lawson is a Facebook sensation, and runs a seductive hot group called  'Let's talk about love, women and lies'. a non judgmental zone where members talk about topics considered as taboo in our culture. 

She owns a philantropic foundation called Dora Lawson Foundation, where they do free HIV, HBP and Diabetes screening.

The last child in a family of 9, Dora Lawson has a huge fan base on social media, and she is very much loved by many. She is loving, caring, hardworking, kind and always ready to display her humanitarian side when need be, but she is also a no-nonsense chika, who calls red RED and black BLACK.

Announcing the celebration of her beautiful self  early this morning, the fun loving personality wrote: "Its my birthday ooohhh my kings and queens. Those who know me know I loveeeee to celebrate this day in grand style. But this is different. So I am dedicating this day to all my family members and friends who have gone before to prepare a place for me. May they rest in peace till we meet again," alongside beautiful photos of her gorgeous self.

We of Thatcher's Lounge raise our glasses together with those of her thousands of fans and followers out there, and shout cheers to Dora Lawson, praying and begging God Almighty to bless the works of her hands, bless her with many more years, and grant her every wish.

Happy birthday sis...

Watch Dora Lawson in the Facebook series 'Who owns the company?':

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