Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Catholic Priest in Yaounde allegedly arrested for being an accomplice of former Minister Basile Atangana Kouna, and his involvement in his attempted escape

Reverend Father Dieudonné Nkodo

Reverend Father Dieudonné Nkodo, Vicar of the Catholic Church Mokolo Yaounde has been allegedly arrested as an accomplice in former Minister Basile Kouna Atangana's embezzlement allegations, and also for his involvement in his attempted escape.

According to the reporting sources Boris Bertolt and Cameroon Web, the Clergy, who has a family link with the former Minister, and who is also their family priest helped him escape  with the aide of  two policemen men he contracted for the job. 

The sources reveal that gave his clerical cloths to the former Minister, to dress as a priest, which he successfully wore to cross the Cameroonian boundary into the Nigerian Territory, along side the two police officer. 

It is also alleged that Reverend Fr. Dieudonné Nkodo transferred  a huge sum of money to the fugitive Minister  who was already in Nigeria, and apparently the large amount of the money he went to withdraw from the Nigerian bank was what raised the dust that got him arrested.

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