Monday, 26 March 2018

BBC Pidgin Interviews Cameroonian Film Maker/Actor Nkanya Nkwai On His Newly Produced Blockbuster Movie 'A Good Time To Divorce'

The pidgin segment of the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC News Pidgin last weekend, interviewed one of Cameroon's finest talent in the Film Industry Nkanya Nkwai, before the premiering of  his new blockbuster movie 'A Good Time To Divorce' in Oklahome USA.

In the interview, Nkanya said: "you can do a great movie, and people do not welcome it, because the message is not good". Explaining that for people to appreciate a movie, its message MUST be good, with impacts on the lives of its viewers.

Nkanya's  movie 'A Good Time To Divorce' was first premiered on Saturday March 24 in Oklahoma USA because according to the producer, it is an opportunity to push it to the International Community.

During the interview, Nkanya appreciated his fans for their support and encouragement, which he says motivates him to produce many more movies." I am grateful for their support and encouragement, which motivates me to work harder and produce more films. I promise to work harder with my colleagues to take our film industry to the International Community". He told fans.

To young people interested in getting into the film industry, Nkanya advised that: "Film making is not only glamour, and anyone wanting to make a movie  must understand the sociological aspects of it; i.e what is funny, the impact of the message they are transmitting in a particular context, the targeted audience, and how he movie will impact their lives".

Nkanya Nkwai has produced  five movies, directed seven and featured in more than fifteen different movies.

He is presently touring cities in the US, for the Premiering of  'A Good Time To Divorce'.

After Oklahoma last Saturday March 24, they are preparing to storm Dallas on Friday April 6, and Maryland on Friday April 13 2018, with the Premieres of the Movie.

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