Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Yannick Sicot launch Gofundme to help Tapang Ivo, after a US Court charged him to pay $2000 he collected for the Consortium Conference and embezzled

A Cameroonian of goodwill in the US Yannick Sicot has launched a Gofundme page, to collect funds and help Ivo Tapang, after a US judge ordered him to pay $2000(One million seventy five thousand francs) following claims that he embezzled $10,000(Five million three hundred and seventy eight thousand francs) that was raised on March 11, 2017, at  the Consortium Conference.

On Tuesday February 27th, 2018, a High Court in Houston, USA upheld  the Judgment of a lower Court that Mr Tapang Ivo Tanku MUST pay back money he collected from the public for the purpose of the Southern Cameroons struggle but misappropriated it. 

The court had preferred the matter to be handled out of court due to the minimal consequences of the technicalities that qualifies the writ. 

The judgment was not a complete indictment as Mr Tapang , was sued for over $10,000 but the judge settled at $2000. 

Ivo has no intention to appeal the case, reason why the on behalf of his supporters Yannick Sicot launched the  gofundme in solidarity to pay out the cost, which is already at $615(Three hundred and thirty thousand francs) as at press time.

The IG Secretary for Communication Chris Anu had presented himself as witness for respondent but wasn’t allowed to do so by the presiding Judge. 

The Guy who sued General Tapang Ivo, Theodore Ngumba is a die-hard Federalist and is openly against the aspirations of the People of Ambazonia for an independent State. This guy behind the law suet is suspected to be part of the people hired to sabotage the struggle of the Southern Cameroon. 

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