Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Head Of The DO Of Batibo Sold To Secessionists/Kidnappers For 5 Million F CFA By Insiders Of The Biya's Regime

The kidnapped DO of Batibo Marcel Namata Diteng was sold out by his colleagues in the regime  for 5 million F CFA new revelations say.

According to Cameroonweb relaying this new development, the head of the DO was sold to secessionists together with that of gendarmes and police men for a huge amount of money, upon production of  proof of their assassination, which MUST be a video.

The news tabloid said information sent to their news desk  revealed that black legs in the Biya's regime, who want to bring down the Old Lion promised the kidnappers, who are of the anglophone secessionists movement  5 million F CFA cash for the head of each DO that drops on the ground, with a video  as proof sent to them(the insiders of Yaounde) . 

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They continued that the information they received, also revealed that for the head of any policeman that rolls and the actions leading to his assassination filmed, the killers will receive 1 million F CFA.  1.5 million F CFA for any unarmed gendarme killed, and  2 million F CFA for any armed gendarme killed.

Cameroon web confirms that Yaounde is in total pandemonium, as the guilty are afraid their names will soon be mentioned,  while the non guilty do not know whose head will be  next on the auction list.

Meanwhile Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary yesterday, told Cameroon-Info.net on phone that DO Marcel Namata Diteng 'was still alive', challenging whoever was claiming his death  to produce his physical body as proof, and not the alleged virtual one making rounds on social media.

The DO was kidnapped on Sunday February 11, 2018  on his way to Batibo for the celebrations of the National Youth day. His vehicle was found burnt to ashes hours later, and till now, no official announcement has been made concerning his whereabouts.

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